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The End:
Message from the Pete Best Band:

Dear all,

It is with the deepest of regrets that we have to inform you that The Pete Best Band has postponed their April tour of the USA.

Unfortunately lead guitarist Mark Hay who suffers from diabetes was found in his apartment on Friday afternoon in a coma. It seems that he may have been this way since Wednesday. Mark is currently in hospital on a life support machine. His condition is stable, but, he is still comatose. The hospital have attempted unsuccessfully on two occasions to bring Mark out of the coma. They are attempting to bring him out of it again on Wednesday.

We will keep you informed of his recovery. If you have time join us in a prayer for Mark please do. He needs all our help.

We will see you later in the year.

The Pete Best Band.

The End:
Get well soon Mark - I look forward to seeing you play live again in the very near future. :)

All the best


I actually wanted to see this show because it wasn't an expensive ticket (*cough*RingoandPaul*cough*)

get well soon hay-man.......

Geez, that is bad news. My thoughts and prayers go out to him.


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