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Paul is Dead: Story & Clues

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The Rubber Soul cover weak! made me chuckle :)

i must agree with indy. who knows what the hell they were looking at?

personally, the paul is dead theory stuff is good for a laugh, but never something i'd believe and take seriously. i mean, you can take any small detail and distort it into a "clue." my favorite one was always the last one mentioned regarding his solo work.

The End:
It's the very last comment that I agree with the most!

--- Quote from: The_End --- it is usually a joke itself among Beatles fans.
--- End quote ---

Here's a question for everyone - has a conspiracy theory ever been proved to be correct? I can't think of one. Maybe Bay of Pigs?

the best one is the bass drum on Sgt Pepper. If anyone hasn't seen it, I can post it.

A couple that were left out:

--The intruments the Beatles are holding are all marching band instruments except Paul's which is an oboe.

--On the back cover of Pepper, their hands make different letters: George is 'L'; John is 'V'; Ringo is 'E'. The only letter missing in the word 'love' is 'O' because Campbell's back is to the camera, and Paul is the only Beatle who doesn't have the letter 'O' in his name.

--On the back of Abbey Road, next to the passing girl, the shadow looks like a skull.

--There are a pair of skeleton hands grabbing Paul in one of the pictures on the White Album poster.  The list goes on.


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