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Not to important just thought it was interesting

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Beatle Ed:
When I worked for PCA National. I met a district manager who use to be a reporter for a paper in Chigaco, I think Way back when. And he said he met John Lennon!

Wayne L.:
John is the probably one of the only dead legendary rock stars I would have liked to have interviewed myself. 


The End:
[quote by=pc31,m=1082224132,s=2 date=1082244159][/quote]

OH MY GOD! That's me!!! LOL!

Great story by the way Beatle Ed :)

Are you still in contact with that guy? If so, maybe he could post the interview and PICS! That would be SO cool... and a MAJOR coup for the board! :D

Harlena McStarkney:
Wow that is really neat, Ed!


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