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Do you think Bon Jovi is a legendary rock band?

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Wayne L.:
I don't think Bon Jovi is a legendary rock band at all or are most 80's rock bands while it's ridiculous calling Jon Bon Jovi a rock legend similiar to a Paul McCartney or Steven Tyler because he's so lame as an artist mostly known for his famous 80's haircut even though they have been around for about 20 years with Slippery When Wet being their only great classic rock album but you have to be out of your mind if you think BJ is a legendary rock band similiar to Led Zeppelin & Aerosmith. 

All I want to say about Bon Jovi is that I really hate that band. I really can't stand them.

I don't know if legendary is correct, but they are a good band and have some good songs. They have sold more than 20 million records so I guess a lot of people like them.

Boy, people really hate that band, and I've never quite understood why.  They were just another big hair rock band of the 80's, maybe a bit more popular but that's all.

Anyway, Bruno's right.  They have a bunch of good singles, arena rock.  No ne claimed they would change the world, just rock n roll.

I admit that I like a few of their songs. I wouldn't say they are the best rock band though.


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