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Let It Be DVD's on Ebay


Hi everyone, I'm new around here.

Sorry if this is a question that's been asked before, but I see a whole lot of copies of Let It Be on DVD on Ebay. Are these legit? There seems to be a number of different versions and I can't tell if there's much of a difference.

Anyway, I was just wondering if buying a copy of this movie off Ebay was recommended or not and if there's one in particular that I should look out for. Or should I just wait until it's eventually re-released?

Thanks  ;)

The End:
I don't Let It Be has ever been released on DVD - certainly not in the UK and I'm pretty sure it hasn't in the US.

So, you can pretty much gaurantee that the DVDs on eBay are bootleg copies. A word of caution though - check the format of the discs - it's available as DVD, Video Disc and few other formats and not all players can handle them... as I recently found out! DOH! 

It might be worth waiting a while for the official release... and wait... and wait...

yeah, just wait for the official release ;-)


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