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my band(playing a show!!!)

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 :)  my band(not yet got a name, although we did settle on incendo for a while back), had a rehearsal session today, getting ready for a birthday party were playing on 11th june( its the drummers birthday), and we jammed on a few beatles rocknroll songs, now were proberly gonna play one at the party(i'll be on lead vocal! ;D), proberly rock n roll music, dizzey miss lizzey, johnny b goode or some other song like that...can u think of nemore?

ne way hope it goes wel! wish us luck!

Sounds great!
Good luck man, enjoy!

how aobut the conventional 'happy birthdat' except a bit lengthier and with a rock twist.

yeah, thats what were plannin on doin!!!!!!!!!!
whooo! im having a good day, whooo!
also, i just had an email from dirk


joan was quizzical:
Good luck, man!!

~ missy


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