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i have a video in my collection of the beatles doing a spoof shakespear sketch,i also had one which i have now lost with the beatles and ken dodd which was very funny, has anybody else seen these videos?

The End:
I have never seen the actual footage - but I have seen loads of the pics. That Shakesperian sketch is from "The Beatles In The Round" TV special from 1964.

More details are in my post here:,m=1081219433

It's from the video Fun with the Fab Four.

Harlena McStarkney:
My friend's mom has the DVD of "Fun With the Fab Four".  She was nice enough to let me borrow it and copy it onto a VHS.  The Shakespeare skit is very funny!  She also had another DVD called "The Beatles Unauthorized"...however both films are good and you should definitely check them out.

[quote by=harlenamcstarkney,m=1082411842,s=3 date=1082512317]My friend's mom has the DVD of "Fun With the Fab Four".


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