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John's Final Autograph Is For Sale

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Wayne L.:
John's final autograph before his untimely death back in 80 I have heard is for sale on a website for a charity which I think is sick to be honest with you, unless you're a hardcore Beatles fan who has everything & wants everything with the Lennon name on it, kind of similiar to this one Beatles fan about 10/15 years ago who got Paul's birth certificate, which I think is ridiculous, but if you're interested in buying John's final autograph(on Double Fantasy) this is for you. 

I'd rather have his first one.


Beatle Ed:
How do they know its his last?

 I've heard of this. Don't quote me but I believe that the starting price for that autograph is somewhere in the neighborhood of approximately $325,000. I'd heard that the autograph was signed by John and included a quick sketch of both himself and Yoko. This was about 15 minutes before his life was taken away. I don't know for certain that the money won't be used to benefit some Charitable organization. If that's the case then it would make sense to sell it. Otherwise I find that spending so much money on anybody's autograph; (especially under the circumstances surrouning John being killed that day) to be a little bit much. I'll keep an eye out for any new information on this. I'm not saying that the person who intends to buy John's last autograph (whomever that might be) shouldn't; just that it seems a bit creepy. That's just my opinion on that!

wow i want it


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