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Do you think Don Imus should hang it up?

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Wayne L.:
I think MSNBC personality & talk radio host Don Imus of Imus In The Morning should hang it up for good after over 30 years because he's too mainstream & too bland to be interesting, unlike his competition Rush Limbaugh who still has an edge after all these years while Don Imus has become meaningless with his opinions which are so predictable these days it's not even funny, it's obvious if you listen or watch he's for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry to be the complete opposite of Rush who is for George W. Bush, which is cheesy, I think Don Imus should hang it up at his Imus Ranch before too long because he has lost his edge. 

I hate Rush Limbaugh but I agree, Imus is getting kinda dumb



Maybe I just have a bias against him because he mocked Kurt Cobain

Lol I was joking anyways, You know your my favorite!


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