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Hmm, I really never minded it. I think he doesn't look that lame. He looks cool on my sig at least, which is from that period -- All Beatles do anyway!


--- Quote from: IndicaWalrus ---the way he stands - uncool?

It is so characteristic...

and sorry to say, but very cool!

--- End quote ---

It was very cool. It was John's own stance. Almost a signature, and if he was comfortable in that stance, who gives a f***?

I'm stepping in the mindfield, but I think John always looked 'stiff' because he was concentrating so he wouldnt screw up. I know i'm going to get called on this and I dont have the answer in front of me, but i've heard several times that even John admitted that he wasnt the best timekeeper. (guess i'll start searching for the quote now)

he was uncomfortable but he did it......there are worse ways to earn a buck....
he did kind of stand around his guitar tho...

oh and hey tkers


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