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An Apple Beatle:
Thought I'd create a thread where we could discuss, exchange knowledge on Beatles songs, chords, lyrics etc. amps, guitars etc.

I'm sure there is enough people round here who could make this a stimulating thread.

Tonight I've got a gig locally. Playing in a guitar duo. We also swap roles on the bass. I'm gonna be playin a few Beatle tracks.

Thought I'd share the ones I'll be probably be doin tonight. Normally, I'd drop a few from this particular list depending on the clientele, numbers etc. I'll post the 5 piece Apple Beatle set we do at a later date.

In no particular order...... (Brownie points for guessing the last one I do though. lol)

And I Love Her
Oh Darling
Things We Said Today/Golden Slumbers (Little A minor Segue we do.)
Hey Jude
For No-One
Two Of Us

joan was quizzical:
Me and another person played Two of Us for a friend's charity coffee house and it was my favourite song that we did. The vocal harmonies are just so nice and it's nice and easy for the most part.

Good luck with your gig!

~ missy

Last thursday, we were having a practice, trying to shape some new riffs etc into actual songs..when I launched into Get Back..everyone else followed..and it was so enjoyable..we done a 20 minute version...with Paul-esq vocal improvs.


I haven't actually played any Beatles songs at a gig (seeing as how I've only done one) but I'm playing at an open mic night at a Coffee House tomorrow and doing two songs of my own and a Bob Dylan song complete with harmonica (The Times They Are a'Changing).  I'm excited.

For gigs its usual Let it Be, Hey Jude, and Lady Madonna, which is probably the best especailly for an group with a guitar piano and a bass and a cool sax intro.


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