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I'm singing/playing guitar at the annual Kintyre Farm concert at this summer, and one of the songs I am playing is, well... guess.

^ Live & let die?

An Apple Beatle:
Nice one guys...I did Things We Said Today/Golden Slumbers, Two of Us and finished with Hey Jude.

The harmonies in Two of Us are magic to sing. It's the lush 'out ahead' harmony that really gets me.

I would love to do Lady Madonna. The backing vocals (ba, ba, ba's) and that awesome Ronnie Scott sax solo bit have always put me off doing a proper cover of it.

Good luck with your gig Harrison. I hope the times they are a changin for ya!! lol

Did you sing the bit about  mammy not liking that in Get Back Indy? lol

^ Of course!
I even said "Thanks Mo" at the end..haha..don't ask!


An Apple Beatle:


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