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how do you like the concert video?
i like it when yoko climbs in the bag.
bagism is the concept....

I like when John leaves his guitar on at the end... and I like the fact that he puked before going on stage

The End:
I wonder if he puked in Yoko's bag!! I supposed that would be sickbagism! :D

Just looking at Yoko is bagism!

Wayne L.:
Live Peace In Toronto is a great classic rock live album in its own right which is highly underrated for some reason showcasing John at his finest in one of his best live performances as a solo artist with the first incarnation of the Plastic Ono Band, the video of this legendary performance which I saw about 15 years ago is great with John wearing his suit from Abbey Road along with a scruffy beard/mustache & his shoulder length long hair rocking out with Eric Clapton, Klaus Voorman & Alan White while Yoko's part I can do without!!!


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