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I made the poll for Wayne. Now everyone can vote!!  ;)

yay, thanks

Well, to be honest, Lake Erie Perch maybe the best eating fish in the world (lake erie walleye being second). My dad used to be a caretaker for a campground up in Lake Erie, and we used to fish alot. When the perch were biting, I was in heaven. Theres probably alot of different species of perch, but the ones that we caught in the lake were light green with red eyes and about 10 to 12 inches in length. You would fish with two hooks and if you found a school of them, you couldnt bring them in quick enough. They usually hung out in the deeper water (35 to 70 ft) and when you brought them in, they would come to the surface with a big red bubble hanging out of their mouths. Here, its their air bladder and what happens is that you reel the fish in so quickly that they cant adapt and you actually drown them. Whatever, but an all you can eat perch buffet and few beers,,,,,,paradise!

See, more than you wanted to know about perch.

Again I ask, what is perch?

Oh! It's fish. What type of fish is it and how does it taste?

Wayne L.:
Perch....my favorite kind of fish. 


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