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Harlena McStarkney:
This is something that has always bothered me.

Did Deorge mean "Love You Too", like maybe he was absent-minded and confused "too" with "to", or did he put it that way by accident; maybe he was writing the title down and someone interrupted him, and he never got around to adding that last "o" there? Or, is there a whole word missing, like maybe he was going to title it "Love You To Death" and got interrupted and never wrote the last word, or what? Drives me NUTS!!

Beyond offering expensive therapy for you I can only offer the following reasons.  :-)

Love You To.

To what?  Whatever you want.  Open ended.

And George was famous for having a harder time with song titles than any other part of the  process.

Or, for Taxgirl, he'd 'love you to'.  I imagine she can fill in the blanks.  ;-)

yes, that's true, I heard that George always had problems with naming the songs.

Harlena McStarkney:
I didn't know he had problems with grammar as well...

I believe that if it was a John song no one would think twice, since he was well known for wordplay.  Obviously George too was playing around.  I wouldn't think for one minute he didn't do this on purpose (as opposed to making a grammar error).


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