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ever wonder whats in a girls purse dudes??????find out here

that's interesting

The End:
An eye-opening experience!

LOL PC.... don't you have better things to do? ::tickles you:::

What I carry in my purse:

1) atleast 50 Dollars
2) Always two quarters and a phone card incase of an emergancy.
3) Lipstick
4) Tissues
5) sewing kit
6) finger nail file
7) Matches
8) Magnification glass (Sp?)
9) A little comb and a mirror
10) Floss
11) gum
12) A tiny flash light
13) A tiny cup that is plastic and it folds into a flat circle
14) A little pocket knife with scissors on it
15) Tissue things that are in little packages and are wet
16) A tiny tooth brush
17) Car keys
18) Cards, I.D.
19) A little note book (Also has all my phone numbers in it)

All this and my bag really isn't that big.. hehe. Most of the things are made for traveling and are really small.

The End:
That's not very much! Where's the half-eaten chocolate bar and 12 packs of headache tablets!?


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