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Only 33 posts!!!

Now is D busy all the time....or is he secretly posting under another name?

If I were him I would make up a new name to post because we all know that people will always try and gain favor of the higher power and D has all the power.  Maybe he wants to just talk Beatles without having people kissing his butt...Maybe he is someone we all love....maybe he is someone we all hate...maybe he is The End!!!!!!!

hehe if You could chose one person to think was him who would it be?

I don't know... maybe Fried chicken :P

ssarah IT'S YOU!

Winner! lol. (I wish) ;)

The End:
[quote by=Ssarah link=Blah.pl?b=conversations,m=1083181886,s=0 date=1083181886]maybe he is someone we all hate...maybe he is The End!!!!!!![/quote]

Hey! :(


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