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looking for other fans at my age (17)

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Hi! My name is Lisa, I'm 17 years old and sometimes I think I'm the one in the whole world under 50 who likes the Beatles  >:(
I even have chosen the Beatles as subject for my final exam (called "Matura" in Austria), so I'm really fond of the Beatles...  :o
Because I can't hear any "You like the Beatles? ugh..." any more, I'm looking for people around my age for a little conversation.
would be really cool...
Greetings, Lisa ::)

Hi Lisa welcome to the forums, I'm 19 and I love the Beatles; and a lot of the members of this forum are young and love the Beatles too :)

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Welcome Lucy :)

There are quite a few people of your age here, so I'm sure you'll find plenty to talk about! Even the old guys are interesting!!!!!!!!! LOL ;)

Hi Lisa...I'm 18 and I also am a very HUGE Beatles fan...I would love to chat with you...

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A very warm welcome to you too Lisa! :)


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