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Eleanor Rigby

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Simply complexly brilliant song


--- Quote from: Bruno on April 29, 2004, 05:26:40 PM ---
-The lyrics were brainstormed among The Beatles.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: nyfan(41) on February 25, 2011, 09:58:47 PM ---there are so many conflicting stories about the origins of eleanor rigby's lyrics . .
paul has said he was inspired by visiting old age homes as a child and seeing lonely elderly people....
john had claimed to write 70% of the lyrics.... paul and john's friend pete shotton refuted that... then there are accounts that george and ringo had a part in the lyrics....
ringo is accredited with "sermon that no one will hear" and "darning his socks"
george is accredited with "all the lonely people"
- the idea of the priest and eleanor both being in the last verse at eleanor's funeral was suggested by pete shotton, (according to paul)
supposedly paul's original concept had eleanor and the preist linking up romantically in the last verse
awesome song

--- End quote ---

Therefore, I think the song should be credited to ALL the members of the band, so:
E. R. written by Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison & Ringo Starr, arranged & produced by George Martin. Joint effort - rather than Paul's 'solo' work.

But, the song is mainly known as Paul's (which it is - but the other band's members added their contribution).
Ringo & George each suggested a line to a song, so they have a credit for making the song so great.

(Yesterday was fully written by Paul BUT that one should be credited Martin - McCartney 'cause strings were G. M.'s idea.)

Interesting. I have to admit that after reading hundreds of books about the Beatles, I never knew that Ringo and George may have contributed those lines. Or Pete Shotton's suggestion.  Hmm...

We can make a nice 'EP' with different official versions of the song.  8)

1. ER (Anthology 2 - instrumental)
2. ER (Revolver)
3. ER / Julia (from Love album)
4. ER (Yellow Submarine Songtrack album)
5. ER (from George Martin's album George Martin Instrumentally Salutes the Beatle Girls)
(The last one has a quite different arrangement and it is not sung by the Beatles - but it is a nice variation of the song.)

I thought there isn't any connection between Doors and the Fab Four (except they both were great rock bands).
And then I hear this. Robby & Ray are playing 'Light My Fire' - and in the instrumental part of the song, Robby plays 'Eleanor'!!!

! No longer available

(It starts at 5:52, repeated till about 6:25).

Just wow!  glassesslip


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