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So guys, I just heard it through the Grapevine... that if you Make a whole bunch of new people on the forums... then you can like umm kicked off the forum or  be like demodded? Dang. Not to mention...it's kind of lame...

Ok Everyone admitt to doing it if you did!

And I expect to hear from D!

My confession... I will admitt to thinking about doing it but changing my mind.

The End:
Ah, you mean if you join more than a few times - is that right?

Like lets say I go sign up again and Name the person SSam and then I tell people "hey whats up...I'm new to the forum!"

Yeah people seriously need to admitt to that if they do it, its really lame. Especially If they Try and get personal info outta people on the forum pretending to be someone else.


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