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9/11 anniversary again

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hey, i noticed that the 4th 9/11 anniversary is coming up soon(only seems like yesterday), and i wondered it anyone was like doing anything to commereate the lives that were lost in the tragedy?theres also been quite a few programs on it around where i live, dont know about you?

so take some time to remember the dead from this terrible tragedy when two planes struck the twin towers on sep 11 2001(by the way ive been to where they were, its horrible)

The End:
9-11 was truly a terrible tragedy but I think the eyes of the World and America are all on the disaster in New Orleans at the moment. I don't think that day will pass without event though.

Hello Goodbye:
Remembering 9/11......

911 9/11 Limited Budweiser Commercial

Hello Goodbye:

Euan Buchan:

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