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What were you doing back in 76?

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Wayne L.:
I was 12 years old back in 76, I was having a ball being young, my interest in girls was more fun, I was listening to the latest sounds on the radio & rock/pop classics, I finally knew the Beatles history, their classic rock albums & most of their solo albums at the time,  I was going to school learning what I needed to know, I had the famous Farrah Fawcett poster on my wall, I was watching my favorite television shows like Happy Days, Welcome Back Kotter & SNL, it was a great time to be alive. 

I guess not much, since I don't really believe in past lives and stuff like that.

Wayne L.:
If some of you don't know what you were doing back in 76, then you must not have been born yet, you're too stupid to remember if you're my age & older!!!

slick rick:
i was in the ninth grade and my pole was what thought for me.that was the year i saw kiss. that year was a great one.i was into school,babes,poe,the beatles,southern rock,southern comfort,boones farm wine,budwiser,virgin bud(good pot),the ramones,partying,ice cream,football,baseball,tennis,converse,running,swimming,qualudes,the who,speed,tea,cocaine,pep rallies and everything else.i was on top of the world.i had the world by the balls.i know you meet more people in school than any wheres and took advantage of it.my fondest memories come from the 70s....the decade my wife was born in.
however you saying biscuit power is stupid itself.i say modify it.or retract and apoligize.

I wasn't born until 1978.


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