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Its Yoko's fault--a fun game!

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My blind hatred for Yoko Ono caused me and some friends to stumble upon a fun way to vent anger. When ever you have a problem blame it on Yoko.

Its Yoko's fault I'm falling English even though I'm a writer.
Its Yoko's fault me copy of "Warning" by Green Day disappeared.

And my favorite:

It's Yoko's fault my cat is pregnant!

My wife and I still do that. We blame everything on Yoko. This thread does remind me of a quote I found on another site that I totally agree with -

As for Macca's wife I think she emerged from the ass of Yoko fully equipped with a peg leg on the end of her stump-a.

I loathe that woman...I really do.

I laughed my @ss off when I read that.

it yucko's fault my dog has rabies

It's Yoko fault I don't like sushi.

It's Yoko's fault I have a cold.


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