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Looking Through You: Paul solo?

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--- Quote from: The_End ---Oh yeah, I love that site! Have you read the whole "who sang yeah yeah yeah at the end of All You Need Is Love" saga?!! Similar to our who sang the aaaaahs in A Day In The Life (Paul obviously!) thread!
--- End quote ---

Indeed, great site. By the way, it IS obvious that the first part of the aaah's is sung by John, the second part by Paul. Just listen to the seperated channels on your own website.

About I'm Looking Through You: I think it's an interesting theory. The guitar sounds a bit like Paul's thing on Another Girl.

In Blue Hawaii:
No. I don't believe it. They sound very tight on Anthology 2 (disc 1, track 15). Maybe they were just tired.

In Blue Hawaii:
Found this:

Lead Singer: Paul

Recording: 10/24/65, 11/6/65, 11/10/65, 11/11/65
Mixing: 11/15/65
Length: 2:24
Take: 4

Paul tries out the song "Where did you go, Where did you go" (Not on CD)
1:01, 1:04
Handclaps go all out of time and stop
Edit in the phrase "Love ha/as a nasty habit" Second time is much more subtle
On the down beat of "were above me But not today" there is a loud guitar feedback/harmonic (Left of centre)
Sounds like dropping of a tambourine
1:34, 2:16-2:19
One of the organ stabs moves to the centre of stereo (from the right) for no real reason.
Two clicks (centre)
1:52-1:54 * NEW *
George plays various out of tune notes, right channel. This happens in a few places (not the cleanest of guitar tracks!) but here is worst.
Ringo misses the snare! Actually, from 1:50 to 1:58 Ringo seems to be moving his position, as the snares change sound each time, one time he hits the rim only, before missing this beat.
2:19-end * NEW *
George either gets bored with the riff, or becomes distracted, as he plays random notes into the fadeout (right).

Also note that on American Stereo LPs there are two false starts not counted above. The first is about 1 beat, and the second three or four beats.
Paul McCartney wrote this when his girlfriend, an actress named Jane Asher, left on a theater tour.
On the US stereo version, there are 2 false guitar intros. This version was released on Capitol Records.
Ringo played the Hammond organ.
The version on the album is a second version the Beatles recorded. The one that appears on Anthology 2 was originally going to be the one put on Rubber Soul until a decision was made to do a remake. (thanks, Adrian - Wilmington, DE)

MY GOD! it makes perfect sense, there really werent 4 beatles, it was one guy named Jongoulrge McHarronarr. It was only maaaaade to look like there were four. it must be a weird british government conspiricy to put the country on the map again.

 ;Dconspiricy theories are fun ;D

but no seriously, the original theory that paul put the song together himself actually sounds like he did do it


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