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Wayne L.:
I have been a dedicated rock fan/music fan ever since I was around 5 years old way back in 69 with rock & roll fantasies of being in the Beatles & Kiss when I was growing up during the 70's in my room like most kids do, I can't play any instruments but I can write lyrics which is easy as eating & breathing to me even though I don't know how to read music at all just like Paul McCartney, I'm 40 years old at this moment in time which is still basically young these days unlike when John Lennon turned 40 back in 80 with lots of creativity inside my brain which means I will possibly be comfortable by the time I'm 50!!!

Me and A friend are thinking about starting a tribute band to Classic Rock. Right Now were sort of trying to play more instruments, and get more members. I wright music and I can sing pretty well. When we get things together i'll let you hear some samples.

I was always dreaming of being a famous singer/musician, but I have a very bad voice...

I sing a lot, talent shows etc.

[quote by=Ssarah link=Blah.pl?b=conversations,m=1083589017,s=3 date=1083679700]I sing a lot, talent shows etc. [/quote]

What part do you sing.

I'm a tenor but I can sing alto, low saprano, and Baratone. I've been taking lessons for years. I've also been in choir and I made it into State Choir. Every UIL I go to I get a 1. That's the highest.


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