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--- Quote from: Ovi on November 28, 2012, 11:26:06 AM ---

Got myself a nice little pre-Christmas present. :)

A package with Jefferson Airplane's first 5 albums + Aerosmith's new one.

--- End quote ---

That's great! You still need two essential Jefferson Airplane's albums: Volunteers and Early Flight. The last one is a nice compilation of rarities.

The Action--Action Packed
Graham Coxon--Love Travels at Illegal Speeds
The Prisoners - In From the Cold
The Chords - At the BBC - The Complete Peel Sessions and More!
Ian Brown - Solarized
The Moons--Fables of History
The Who - Quadrophenia
Secret Affair--Soho Dreams
Purple Hearts--Head on Collision Time Again
Purple Hearts--Pop-ish Frenzy

...I think that's all the latest... there might have been more...

The Minders - There's 5 or so songs that I really like and the rest is decent. Glad I picked it up.

Seth Swirsky - No where near as good as 'Watercolor Day', but it needs a few more listens.

Here's old Seth with Rangworm himself.


Sir John Johns:
dropping the needle on these....


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