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Mention your source and it will be alright.

Again from the Book Rory Storm BY Tom Egbers (only available in Dutch at the moment)

Alan starts listening to Radio Luxemburg. Track such as Bill Haley's Rock around the clock are shocking and are a indicator that a new revolution  is just around the corner.

Rock around the clock has such an effect on Alan he even sings it when running in his athletic races much to the consternation of others.

With Skiffle and Rock n Roll taking hold of the Uk and Alan , he decides he wants a guitar. At the Cotton Exchange his workmates are discussing the Grand National (Iconic Horse race held in Liverpool for the overseas readers) . They are tipping a hose called Devon Loch and much to Ernie's frustration and disapproval Alan goes to the race and places a large bet on the horse to win. The horse is actually leading with only a couple of hundred feet of the race to complete when it belly flops on the floor for no apparent reason (you can see this on youtube I think) The horse loses and Alan is in shock and very angry.
On returning home on the bus he hears someone playing a guitar, he recognises that this person is someone who Alan has heard practising for  months from his bedroom window but could never work out who it was. The boy is Johnny Byrne. Noticing that Alan is deeply upset Johnny starts talking to him and lets him play his guitar. A friendship is born.
On returning home Ernie understands Alan's anger but this is what happens when you gamble. Ernie then hands Alan the money he needs to get a guitar as he respects that Alan has always taken on more than his share of family responsibly without question. Alan get his guitar.

Alan and Johnny are increasingly firm friends who practice their music and have dreams of a different future.

They both go to see Lonnie Donegan in concert and after the show bump into one of Alan's co workers. A Mr Jim McCartney who is there to pick up Paul who has also been to the gig.
That night the idea of them forming a band is born they play into the night and Alan finds he can sing without stammering. All this happens amongst the noise of parents shouting to them to be quiet and neighbours hitting the wall to keep the noise down. A band of sorts is born.

Bill Haley Plays Liverpool. Alan has a ticket but Johnny does not. Johnny sneaks them in to the gig in the morning by pretending they are electricity workers. They hide for the rest of the day only appearing in the crowd for the gig.

Al Caldwell and the Raven Texan's form with the line up of Alan, Johnny, Jeff Truman, Reg Hale and Paul Murphy. They are getting gigs and eventually get a spot at the Cavern.

The band gig a lot and cross paths with other bands such as The Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group who have a talented freelance drummer called Richard Starkey and the Quarry men who are described by the many as having a loud mouth but a great deal of talent. The man is John Lennon.

The Raven Texan's are now in need of a guitarist as their sounds is changing. Iris is thirteen and her fourteen year old boyfriend want to audition, he turns up and is sent away by Violet weho thinks its silly for the a fourteen year old to want to play with 17/18 year olds. The lad is upset and is called George Harrison. Alan and Johnny are staggered at his guitar ability even at that young age but he is just too young.

Alan feels that the band need to form a club of its own to play and be a meeting place for all the up and coming bands on the scene. they are able to access a basement of a villa through a Miss Thompson and start up The Morgue Club. They have painted it black with skeleton's on the walls and have hand built a tiny stage. The opening night is an unbelievable success, The Quarry Men play and Alan upsets iris by telling the packed club that Iris stuffs her bra with cotton he gets from work. Iris flees the club with George Harrison with George Harrison running after he to calm her down.

The Police are called often for noise by one particular resident who hates the kids and the noise. Alan spends hours chatting to the Police trying to establish a compromise even placing posters around the club asking the patrons to leave as quietly as possible. This fails and eventually the grumpy neighbours gets the club closed.


Johnny and Alan go to Butlin's in Rhyl for a lads holiday. Translation came up as a girl feast. The lads make a pact. Any girl under 18 and from Liverpool off the cards as they might get their heads kicked in by irate boyfriends. Boy they both have a good time enjoying plenty of female company, who would have thought Butlin's was such a hotbed for the nations youth in the 1950's. Alan nearly gets in a fight with a drunk over Alan O court being in the England football team Johnny sort of gets him out of the situation. Band going more Rock n Roll after seeing Cliff Richard on TV. George is in The Beatles and Lennon is still referred in the book as the front man with the big mouth.

Ringo Star crosses paths with the band again. He is miserable in his job and is a freelance drummer and on the point of emigrating to the US (was this common knowledge?)Johnny and Alan are now professional with Vi taking the bookings. Lads off again on a lad's hols this time in Pwllheli where again the ladies are entertained by the charms of our hero's. Alan wins a swimming contest and as he is awarded the prize (in little more than his trunks)one bloke heckles him with a derogatory comment to which Alan replies "That was not what your wife said yesterday" this leads to a dash to escape with their belongings and Alan trying to convince Johnny he could have took the bloke on. Johnny is suitable unimpressed.

The band play at The Cambrige Hall Southport. The audience are partly teddy boys and a massive fight erupts and knives are pulled show stopped and fight continues outside people are getting battered with chairlegs fight so bad even the band are involved and Johnny is really beaten up, but just manages to escape worse.

Band wants to play at the Casbah Mona Best has fallen out with the MoonDogs as Ken Brown was ill and the other three still played but only got three quarters of the fee with Ken getting the other 1/4

The Hurracaines play the Cavern to a jazz crowd and all hell breaks loose with the coin throwing audience ending the gig ewarly. Owner docs them £2 out of the agreed £4 fee however However Johnny got £6 picking coins off the floor which means they were ahead cash wise.

Johnny buys a second hand 1938 Jag that is unreliable and either breaks down or bits drop off. Johny smashes it into a kiosk and eventually sells it on for £25 Rory who was only bothered about Johny not buying a Hillman rues that this is because Johnny got it from Everton.


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