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the raving texans....rory storm

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The End:
I haven't had a listen to this yet (cos I'm at work!), but this is Ringo? Really! Can't wait to have a listen to this!!! ;D

did it work?????i only have a couple of his.i have a faron flamingoes or 2 also....
but did it work??b-cause if it didn't i will not bother......


--- Quote from: Bobber ---Will you please upload more Rory Storm here pc?

I've always wondered why this once greatest band of Liverpool never really had a breakthru. Any clues?
--- End quote ---

not a clue but the
this site is the best of its kind........i am not sure if the tunes are saveable any more but take a listen.......

I've been to the site before. Really cool stuff. The music isn't saveable however. We have to trust on you, pc.

ok i will try somethings....hopefully we will be uploading and burning them soon......


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