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I ordered this cd today. Curious.

I have listened to the cd in the last few days. I must admit that Rory Storm and the Hurricans sound like a band with great power, certainly considering the date this was presumably recorded. But then again, the band itself is not that good as sources claim it to be. First of all, Johnny Guitar is not exactly the guitar hero. His guitar is dramatically out of tune from the very first song. Rory is not such a great singer, he sounds like he drank too much and make all the songs sound the same. That goes for the drummer -whoever it is- too. It doesn't sound like Ringo's style, but this is March 1960. Ringo could very well be developing his style. Bad timing, breaks out of place and a lot of use of the cymbals. Strange. Lu Walters sings a song too and he's a better singer than Rory. The crowd doesn't go wild at all, that is not verbally.
Still it's great to hear this band in a live recording.

I recently purchased the Tom Egbers book on Rory Storm. Took a lot of time to translate it from Dutch to English but enjoyed it and you could tell Iris must have had some input. I do not agree with Egbers assessment of the events leading up to and including September 1972 and you wonder if Iris was happy with the overall tone of the final chapters. Personally Egbers did not convince me it was a double suicide.
The Beatles come over fairly well and you do get a feel for the emerging scene that all the bands were part of. Some of the stories are new to me such as the case of Johnny Guitar and the unfortunate Elephant, Paul at Scout camp so missing a gig and Ringo nearly drowning at Butlins.

I enjoyed every moment of getting to know Rory and the other better.

Welcome aboard Pothos. I believe theres some people interested in your translation of the Tom Egbers book.

I just used a couple of sites to change the jpg to a docx and then used google translate (just for personal use) . Took a couple of weeks and nearly drove me mad. It is an interesting book although I do not agree with the conclusion of the author. I must say I have not heard of anyone being interested in the translation and to be honest some of the text still did not translate properly but the essence of the book is there and some of the stories such as Alan's time as manager of the Morgue, The Beatles v RSATH mini bus chicken and the story of the unfortunate elephant at Skegness really bring the era, the band and Rory to life. I also am not ashamed to say that there were moments when the text brought me to tears. I do not think the book shows any disrespect to The Beatles.

The backbone of the book to me is actually family and friendship. I was actually staggered at the number of beatings the group took including Rory taking a brick to his head and also the amount of ladies they entertained . One of the funnier moments was seeing the translation come up regarding a picture of the band with some ladies and underneath the phrase girl feast came up, it took a while for me to stop laughing.

I am genuinely sad that they never made it an wish I could have seen them play but reading the book and visiting many of the existing sites I feel I have got to know RSATH, Rory's family and the scene that created them.

So thank you for the welcome.


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