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--- Quote from: Bobber on September 05, 2012, 08:41:51 AM ---I'll post some pics later on.

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When?  roll:)

Hey Bob! Hows things going? Gotr a question....do you have any ideas on how we can restore the boot forums back to glory? I am willing to add and be a moderator on the Beatls and other artist board if nobody else what it. I just want get thing jumping again. Maybe contact past members telling to come check us out again. Just to try build things back. What are your thoughts?
Talk soon,

He Larry,
I'm fine thank you. A bit too busy to be on the forums a lot, but I know the place is in the safe hands of the moderators. Barry and Kevin are around much and Mairi and Gary910 (who's recovering from surgery) are never far away. Rick (Apple Beatle) is very busy gigging and pretending he's a Beatle ( ha2ha ).
I'll send you a pm on the other things.

i want a title.... 5dp


--- Quote from: pc31 on December 08, 2012, 01:38:43 PM ---i want a title.... 5dp

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