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He has (had?) gorgeous eyes! As well as gorgeous lips, nose, and those bunny teeth! And his voice isn't too bad either!! Nobody seems to be posting pictures though. Bummer. [/quote]

There is too many!  Paul HAD to be the most photographed Beatle, and you have a good 44 years or so of shots of him.  He was so photogenic there  are very few bad pix of him and so this place could be literally filled with snaps of Paul's 'cute' mug.  Where does one begin?

Heres one of two legends-

[quote by=Maccalvr,m=1084340052,s=10 date=1084496498]Who's the other dude? I can't make him out.

OOHHHH!! Jeez, now I see it. Man did they get old!!

i like the cavern shot of him dead on a trunk.....


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