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Beatle Ed:
Remember when the Beatles were breaking up, things were so tense and they fought over every little thing? George fought with Paul and John fought with Paul and Ringo was sitting at the drums scratching his head.... (drummer)

Well thats what is happening here. No we're not breaking up. But things get said between this girl and that girl, this girl and that guy.. etc etc. And good people like Mr Charlie, tk, and The End are sitting in the back scratching their heads.. I think if the beatles would have agreed to disagree they'd have stayed together longer. And it sucks when a forum has to watch themselves so as not to fight. Maybe if we all put forth an effort to get along. (and I do mean all of us)  We can be a band umm err team for another year too. (drummer)(sunny)

PLEASE????  (sunny)(sunny)(sunny)(sunny)

Harlena McStarkney:
That is a stellar idea, Ed.  Ok no more fighting.  Oh and I like the suns...makes me feel like a flower child hippy hehehe :D

Beatle Ed:

The End:
NO! Just kidding! Of course ;D

[quote by=Beatle_Ed link=Blah.pl?b=conversations,m=1084402191,s=2 date=1084402668](sunny)(sunny)(sunny)(sunny)(sunny)(sunny)(sunny)(sunny)

Oh man, I'd better turn over, this side's burnt to a crisp.



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