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I just got this this weekend and I LOVE it! I've learned so many new things. Plus now George is my new fav. I can't believe how much he went through. I'm goping to use stuff form it on my trivia. Does anybody else have it?

I have the Anthology both on vhs ( 8 tapes) and dvd (5 discs) and yes, it's the best documentary of the beatles out there mainly because they are the ones being interviewed :P but I think the production is great also and they did a good job in "resuming" all the most important things in their career.

btw, this should be in the film section ;)

I have the Anthology taped when it was on tv on ABC in 1994. I bought the dvds last year when they came out. I love it.

Yeah, I have both as well, tho the DVD's were a real bargain.  Fifty bucks comapred to 150 for the the extra programming!

Good stuff.  I should watch some again, it's been awhile.

There's a thread.  Which Anthology video/DVD is your favorite?  (More of a period question than anything else).

[quote by=Bruno,m=1084455324,s=1 date=1084458273]btw, this should be in the film section ;)[/quote]
Yea I know I accidently posted it here and i've been waiting for the end to move it.


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