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Does anybody know any good Anti-Bess proxy's I tried looking on Yahoo, But I couldn't find any good one's.

The End:
I've never heard of her! :)

[quote by=The_End link=Blah.pl?b=conversations,m=1084455454,s=1 date=1084471459]I've never heard of her! :)[/quote]

Not her, It! Bess is a block that is used to keep people from going places they shouldn't. My dad has it at work and i have it here at school.

The End:
I'm sure there must be a hacker among us somewhere :D

Harlena McStarkney:
Ohhhhh I know what you are talking about, Patton!  My school uses Bess too.  For everyone who doesn't know what we are talking about, Bess is the name of a dog who is the "mascot" of a stupid filtering program.  Nuff said. Lol!  When Bess blocks a website, the page says "Bess can't go there."  She must be a three legged dog or something. lol


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