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Bee Gees were the most?

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--- Quote from: 1610 ---Ive been toying with buying their first album for a while now.Been totally swayed.Its near the very top of my list.Looking forward to hearing it in its entirity.
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I'm totally knocked out by this album , i'm playing it none stop, not one of the 14 songs is a dud.
Everything about it i love , inparticular i'm very impressed by Robin's singing his voice is really powerful and emotional his performance on "I can't See Nobody" is one of the best vocals i've heard from a man ?
 "Turn Of The Century " and "Craise Finton Kirk  are just such Beatle sounding songs ?
Don't think you will be disaponted by this album Python it's a stunner .

The amazing Robin singing "I can't See Nobody"



Johnny Young - covering Craise Finton Kirk



--- Quote from: 284 ---i agree even tho it is songs built up over a few years...the whole thing is t totally awesome....
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Agree totally awesome

I love them...they are my wife's favorite group.


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