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Bee Gees were the most?

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I wish they hadn't sung all those songs falsetto.  I'd love to hear a Barry White baritone singing, "you can tell by the way I'm walk/I'm a woman's man, no time to talk."

The discos song can work without the disco beat too.  BeeGees ought to do unplugged if they haven't yet.  

They did a live show similar to Unplugged but no for MTV. It was VH1 Storytellers I believe and it was acoustic mainly.

Big time Cheese, but what would the 70s would have been like without them? I always thought the Robert Stigwood family tree was interesting. Forget the 6 degrees of separation, you can get from das Brothers Gibb to Clapton via Yvonne Elliman. I have to admit some of their songs and Andy Gibb's for that matter are a guilty pleasure. Hell, it was the soundtrack to my kiddie years.

I love 'Holiday', but that was early BG's. You have to admit that they wrote a ton of stuff.

apple sauce:

--- Quote from: lennonlegend ---i hate all of their stuff-they sound too much like girls
--- End quote ---
you better listen to "lonely days, lonley nights" if that's girly sounding then the "Beatles" better be wearing dresses!


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