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Favourite TV shows

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I am bored and on a posting streak  ;D

So, what are your favourite shows?

Mine are: Simpsons, ER, Malcolm In The Middle, Seinfeld and Friends.

I don't watch alot of TV. Changing Rooms, House Invaders and Law and Order I watch sometimes. I do watch the Nascar race on weekends and maybe a golf tourney if I have time.

I like CSI, many of the shows on the Discovery channel.  I like to watch Monster Garage, and American Chopper.  Anything that is associated with automobiles such as Motorweek, etc. 

I hear a lot of people talk about CSI but I haven't seen one single episode.

The End:
I don't watch much TV really - but there are a few things I really go out of my way to watch:

The Simpsons
The Office
Erm... I think that's it!!!! LOL


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