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Ice Cream!!

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Harlena McStarkney:
It is nearing summertime again, and that is when everyone busts out the ice cream!  I don't think I've ever met a soul who doesn't enjoy ice cream.

Here are some ice cream links:

Make your own virtual cone or sundae at www.cybercones.com

The history of the waffle cone! http://www.idfa.org/facts/icmonth/page8.cfm

Dippin' Dots! www.dippindots.com

vanilla for me

[quote by=Bruno link=Blah.pl?b=conversations,m=1084752804,s=1 date=1084753476]vanilla for me[/quote]

Me too.  Then I can put whatever I am in the mood for on it myself...chocolate, banana split, jam, butterscotch, etc.  Or just plain.

Beatle Ed:
Vanilla yeah me niner

The End:
Mint choc chip! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm


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