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Beatle Ed:
Smirnoff Twisted Green Apple is good..

Its even better to drink with it with a beautiful woman with long legs & sexy feet. Right wayne?? ANyhow. I'm fixing to get Knackered. Has anyone every had Brandy Alexanders? John Loved those. I tried them once and profusely vomited on my husband...

The End:
LOL! Nice story!! ;D

I've never tried a Brandy Alexander - is that brandy mixed with milk? YUK - no wonder you hurled on hubby!! LOL

Good luck getting knackered! (I thought that was only a Brit word!) LOL ;D

Yeah, I went thru an ALexander phase....quite good (but then I like White Russians as well...vodka and cream and kahlua.

Milk and booze really don't mix well.  But they sure taste good.

Harlena McStarkney:
I've never had an alcoholic beverage...but I DO like sparkling grape juice! (laugh1)

The End:
I wish I[/b] hadn't experienced alcohol either... especially now!


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