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Penny Lane vs Strawberry Fields

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Since both of these songs are on Magical Mistery Tour and since i like them both, i usually try to choose which one is better. As always i can't make up my mind, so i'm asking you guys!

i like fields.....but pauls song goes over better with my kids.
i just bought the visit to america dvd.i have not veiwed it yet.i am saving it for the kids to veiw with me.....

I love Strawberry Fields Forever! For me it is a masterpiece!

Beatle Ed:
I'd have to go with Strawberry fields too. I like Penny Lane, but I can listen to "SF" more.

I'd chose Strawberry. I love this song very much, I like psycsedellic sonds, plus, this one is really meaningful and has a lot to say. I love the tune and the lyrics.

I like PennyLane too.


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