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Okay were going to have a party. I'm the Host and everybody's invited.

I got chips, dip, BBQ, fried chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, corn on the cob, hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, and Beer to eat and drink. for music I have Classic Rock, BEATLES (of corse) Simon & Garfuncle, Everly brothers, Kingston trio, Don Mclean's American Pie, America, and 80's mix. we can dance all night long. I also have a swimming pool and a hot tub. You can BYOB and anything else you want. But let's get this show on the road.

I have a shotgun and a Milli Vanilli cd

Bring them I don't care.

The End:
Party on Bruno!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!! ;D

I have a waterproof bong for the hot tub.


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