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I noticed today that the track listing on the 1966 Canadian issue of Rubber Soul is different to the 1966 Australian release.

On the Australian issue, Side One, Track One is "Drive My Car". On the Canadian issue, Side One, Track One is "I Just Seen A Face".

What other countries have these differences and why? Any answers would be greatful.

Check this out http://www.earcandymag.com/christophmaus-2005.htm
Interesting to see that in some South American countries The White Album was released as 2 seperate albums
And from that site, in answer to a question as to why The Beatles allowed such manipulation of their recordings.....

Christoph: Like you, I was amazed at how many variations of Beatles-LPs, especially in the years to 1966, do exist. And to show this to other people and to raise their interest was the main reason why I made this book. Most fans only know of the US-Capitol-versions, but what happened to the Beatles-records in the rest of the world is something to discover

^Very interesting reading, thanks, Kevin.

Argentina promoted the band by translating their name to Los Grillos on their album cover. ("The Crickets"?)
Los Grillos do means The Crickets, ... weird, ins't it? John got it in the end!  :D

The End:
Fascinating stuff Raxo - thanks :)


--- Quote from: The_End ---Fascinating stuff Raxo - thanks :)
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Don't you mean Kevin?  ??)


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