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What are some different callings for different things betweeen the U.S. and England.

The End:
Here ya go - here is something I made for another site once - took me bloody ages!

adhesive bandage - plaster
aluminum - aluminium
anesthesiologist - anaesthetist
antsy - fidgety
ATM - cashpoint machine
apartment/condo - flat
assignment - homework
back yard - garden
backpack - rucksack
baking soda - bicarb of soda
Band Aid - plaster again
bangs - fringe 
barette - hair clip (?)
bathroom - loo or bog
bathtub - bath
bell pepper - green pepper
billfold - wallet
billion (thousand million) - billion (million million)
birthed - gave birth or bore
biscuits - scones (kinda)
broil - grill
bug - insect or to annoy someone
bum (hobo) - tramp
caboose - guard's van
call collect - reverse charges
call - phone or ring someone
can (of food) - tin
candied cherries - glac? cherries
candy - sweets
car (on train) - carriage
cavity - tooth decay
cheap - second-rate or crap
check (banker's) - cheque or bill
check (correct) - tick
checkers - draughts
chips - crisps
closet - wardrobe
club - truncheon (police)
Clue (game) - Cluedo
comforter - quilt or duvet
commercials (TV) - adverts
conductor (train) - guard
cookie - biscuit
cookie tray - baking sheet
cornstarch - cornflour
cream of wheat - semolina (YUK!)
cupcakes - iced fairy cakes

I've heard a lot of those from my reletives! When I first heard them using certain words I had no clue what they were talking about. Now I find myself using them when I'm around them.

Harlena McStarkney:
Actually, A lot of the English versions of words, we use here in America.  At least in my neck of the woods.  And some of the American versions you don't hear that often.  That is quite a list, Alan.  Your efforts are commendable :)

The End:
Thanks! One of the benefits of being unemployed last year!! ;D


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