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I went into Troy expecting a great action movie. What I experienced was beyond any of my expectations. I was blown away.

The movie was incredible and Achilles was a god. I was absolutely enthralled.

Barely half-way through and the movie had earned itself the crowning prestige -- a rating of 10 on the Sarah scale.

And then... the last 5 minutes happened.

What happened to Achilles was the single biggest load of utter intolerable bullcrap I have ever seen on a movie screen in my whole Flippin' life.

It was wrong in about 20 different ways, and it was so Flipped up, it completely ruined everything that the movie had accomplished before it.

Up until the last five minutes, the movie was a guaranteed classic. After the last five minutes, I decided I will never so much as rent the DVD.

I have never been so infuriated by a movie. What happened to Achilles is something I would liken to watching X-3 and seeing Wolverine get stabbed to death by a 14 year old street thug.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I was truly offended. The screen writer should be harmed for daring to write such filth.

I hope he gets a tape worm.

Yes, I'm aware that the movie followed the Illiad... but Homer is dead already, so I can't wish a tape worm on him. The screen writer deserves a tape worm for not changing that crap.

In the Illiad, Apollo was the reason Achilles was defeated. Apollo made no appearance in this movie. Thus, the defeat was... quite lame.

Achilles was killed by Paris. In the heel. This is how the story goes. Granted, they should have had Apollo (or any of the other Gods) present to tell him what to do, but he wasn't, so more arrows were shot to make it more believable. Had Achilles died any other way other than by Paris' hand would have been sheer bullcrap.

If you go see Troy... leave when the city is breached.

That's the only way you'll ever see any value in this movie.

Rating: 0/10

Sorry you didn't like it.  I'll still go and see it though. 

I heard it was supose to be Ok, but not anything great.

It's worth going to see if you close your eyes during the ending.

does he get his peckar chopped off or something?  :P


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