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Goodbye for now.

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I'm sorry but schools aloost over and I( wont be able to get on here . I might be able to every now and then if my dad let's me, But it's not a garenty. I don't want to leave, it's just the fact that I probley wont be able to get on. I'm sorry That I have to go nut I do. I hope you guys don't forget me. I'll always keep you in my heart.

btw. I pretty sure that I will be able to come back in 2-2.5 months. That's when school starts up again.

have a nice summer vacation

Ehh. I doubt it. I have to visit my mum. Grrrr. >:(

The End:
Sorry to hear that you're leaving, Patton - of course you'll be missed. Have a great Summer break mate. Come back soon! :D

Take care fella



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