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I've never been a big fan of "Love Me Do."   I'm wondering why the Beatles and/or George Martin didn't push for something like "I Saw Her Standing There" as the first single.  I think it's a great song (was never a single, I think) and it just kicks ass, compared to LMD.

I'm pretty sure the Beatles were playing ISHST before they went into the recording studio to do LMD.

Any thoughts?

I Saw Her Standing There would have been a number 1 ...

Yeah, I've got a recording of them playing ISHST from either the Cavern days or the Hamburg days, I don't quite remember, but I know it's from some time before they released their first LP.

Ask Me Why, one of my favs from PPM.

I should never never never be blueeeeeeee oo. greatness :D

What about Hello Little Girl? I think it could have been a number one in October 62.


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