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Author Topic: 'Living in the Material World' Wins 2012 Critic's Choice for Best Documentary  (Read 908 times)

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'Living in the Material World' Wins 2012 Critic's Choice for Best Documentary

January 12, 2012


 Los Angeles – At tonight’s 17th Annual Critic’s Choice Awards, GEORGE HARRISON: LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD won the award for Best Documentary Feature. Living in the Material World was directed by Martin Scorsese, who was also honored tonight by Leonardo DiCaprio and Olivia Harrison with the Critic's Choice Music + Film Award.

After an introduction by DiCaprio and a montage of Scorsese’s films, Olivia Harrison took the stage. "Whether Martin Scorsese puts music to picture, or picture to music, I cannot say," she said. "But I knew he would understand that the core of George's story could be found in his music."

Olivia then introduced Bob Dylan, who was on hand to perform in tribute to the director. Dylan awed the audience with his performance of "Blind Willie McTell," afterward being treated to a standing ovation.

"Marty, it's no wonder musicians and composers revere you," said Olivia, "because you illustrate the timeless power of their art. May you continue to influence and inspire, educate filmmakers and film lovers with your extraordinary knowledge and appreciation of music."

Following Scorsese’s heartfelt acceptance speech, DiCaprio announced that George Harrison: Living in the Material World was awarded the Critics Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature in a category that also featured other great films like Undefeated, Project Nim, Page One, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and Buck.
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Urgh. I have still yet to see this. No HBO for me.  :-[


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I will pull this up from the dead.

I downloaded this prior to going to London for the flight but totally forgot I had it.  Was on a short domestic flight on Saturday and watched part of it, then realized Ipads only give you 24 hours to watch so I watched it some more yesterday with my morning coffee and luckily finished before the 24 hours were up.

I enjoyed it a lot.  New quotes, new interviews were great.  Some things off the top of my head that I enjoyed:
- Petty talking about the ukalalies (sp) and when George gave him some out of his trunk ("never know when you might need them, not everybody walks around with one")
- Petty talking about the naming of "Handle with care" and being invited into the Wilburys in general
-Olivia or Eric Idle (dont remember actually) saying while George was being carried out of the house after the stabbing and noticing some of the recently hired help, asking them how they liked the job so far.
- hearing/watching George talk about spirituality vs voiced over narrators
- Dhani's pain (I didn't enjoy this but it was subtle and moving)
- whole Clapton/Patti/George part, hearing them each discuss

Was a fun watch.  Sorry I'm so late to the party.

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