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Was there ever a Lennon/Nesmith collaboration?

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Wayne L.:
I know about Mike Nesmith of the Monkees being in the A Day In The Life video which I have seen along with him staying with John for a few days back in 67 but I would like to know if there was a Lennon/Nesmith music collaboration on any Beatles/Monkees bootlegs because it would interesting to listen to since both of them were the rebels of their respective groups in those days with their music & their attitude despite one being manufactured. 

The End:
I'm not aware of any such collaboration. I presume that Nesmith did jam with John when he stayed with him in 1967 though.

slick rick:

ooh lemme guess which one was manufactured

Yes.  Mike Nesmith gave birth to Johns baby, 'John-Boy'.  It was kept hushed for all the obvious reasons.


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