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favorite scenes from "A Hard Days Night"

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I just recently saw the move for the first time and I am wondering what everyones favorite scenes are.

Mine are as follows.

1. When the reporters are asking them questions and Paul answers every question "We are just friends" or something like that.

2. When John ask the old man on the train to "Give us a kiss" acting gay towards homophobic people is one of my favorite pastimes.

3. When John is playing with the submarine toy in the bathtub and he hums "Deustchland Uber Alles" and crashes the toys together. lol

Great movie, I loved it. I am in the process of watching Magical Mystery Tour.

Some of my favourites:

- When the guys are messing around in the field (With Can't Buy Me Love playing)

- The scene with Lennon and the random woman in the makeup corridor of the theatre
" What have you heard.."

-  When they find the old man in the cupboard at the hotel, and then the nightclub scene

- when Paul gets confused in explaining to the Casino owner who his grandad is.

Nobody likes the movie? SHAME ON YOU! :D

I love it ... I see it every month, more or less ... lots of scenes to choose ...

The ones mentioned above ...

The one with Ringo at the police station ... and then John coming in sweating, asking for some time (very surrealist) ... they running again the same street in both directions chased by the policemen ... all in the best Chaplin style ... it's quite funny ... I've never known if they wanted to make that scene looks like a too evident homage but making clear that they were just amateur ... because the scene does not work but it's amazing how weird it is!

i like it when there messing around in the feild and in the train


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