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Wayne L.:
George Harrison as a solo artist had many ups & downs after the breakup of the Beatles but All Things Must Pass is creatively, musically & artistically his only solo masterpiece which is above all his other solo albums showcasing George at his finest with My Sweet Lord, Isn't It A Pity, Wah Wah, What Is Life & the title track as excellent putting him on equal footing with his former bandmate John at the time.  Since I haven't listened to all of George's solo albums yet but I have listened to most of them since I would say 33 1/3 & George Harrison are great albums if you're not expecting too much from this former Beatle while Crackerbox Palace & Blow Away are great solo classics in their own right with great videos as well while Somewhere In England & Gone Troppo are mostly mediocre with the latter one being almost invisible to the fans.  I haven't heard his so called comeback album Cloud Nine yet even though I Got My Mind Set On You is a great song despite being too mainstream pop personally speaking while his Beatles tribute track When We Was Fab is the standout with a great video with Ringo but I'm looking forward to listening to his live 91 album Live In Japan with Eric Clapton the most since George rocked out one more time for generations of fans. 

Agree on All things Must Pass....though I believe Brainwash deserves some merit in the masterpiece theater collection....


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